Partner with the world's best turnkey dating platform provider

WhiteBoxDating® is a product of Friends Worldwide, Inc., a market leader in the niche dating industry. What makes us unique as a white label dating solution provider is that we offer you a powerful multi-dimensonal advantage to generate more revenue than any other dating platform based on our traffic tiers built from the ground up to put your needs first.

Dimension 1 - Our Company Brands and Experience:
Our company executives started as white label partners themselves 14 years ago creating their own dating brands with a small investment. With persistance, cultivation, and a good dose of true grit, these brands have matured into the most popular niche dating sites online today. Our company's dating brands represent the first tier of our core traffic volume.

Dimension 2 - Our White Label Partners:
Our WhiteBoxDating® Platform partners support our second traffic tier possessing the unique ability to create dating websites utilizing over 65+ niche interest groups representing the largest and most diverse selection of fully populated interest groups of any dating platform that exists today. Create your own customized dating site or network based on your choice of lifestyles, ethnicities, locations, appearance, sexual orientations, general interests, sports, activities, and much more.

Our zero adult traffic policy allows mainstream publications and webmasters to create a first class, quality dating experience for their referrals. Our Network is pre-populated with millions of dating singles interested only in real relationships, dating, romance, and marriage. We are sure you will agree the possibilities are endless, and so is your opportunity to generate revenue!

What is the Bottom Line? Simple! The combination of three tiers of traffic and over 65+ interest groups generates the most diverse and high quality traffic in the world to our Network. Most importantly, our large selection of dating interest groups allows you the flexibility to create and customize your dating site or network with more options than any dating platform online. Diversity means more quality traffic, more conversions, and more revenue for you. Now finally you can have peace of mind knowing your brands are hands-down hosted by the world's leading dating platform.

WhiteBoxDating® is designed to help you turn your dating website into a true money maker with a host of features that are only there when you need them. It gets out of your way, and lets you focus on one thing that matters most to you. Our pre-populated database and the ability to customize your site's content means you don't have to worry about the details. Just bring in the traffic, and watch the magic happen.