Fast & Easy Setup

Our Fast & Simple Setup Process

You're only 7 easy steps away from starting your own dating website and making money!

Account Setup

There is a nominal set up fee to launch your site(s) on our servers and zero ongoing maintenance fees for you as a WhiteBoxDating® Partner, and setting up your custom branded website is the easiest of all steps. In addition, we host your site(s) free of charge. You need no technical or design skills whatsover, but you will need a eye catching logo for your site(s). We are happy to help. Click below to become our partner, and the journey begins.

Purchase Your Domain(s)

This step is also ridiculously easy, but you should put some thought into the site name(s). If you're building a niche website(s), something niche-specific is recommended. For example, is a good domain name for a website serving singles who love hiking. If you have questions about this step, click here to contact us.

Pick a Niche or a General Dating Format

Our platform offers the widest variety of fully populated niches in the online dating industry over 100+ niches to choose from. Our niches are built around professions, ethnicity, appearance, sexual preference, lifestyles, interests, activities and much more. If you can think of an activity, interest or lifestyle or any combination thereof, then we can seamlesssly provide a fully populated and high converting dating site or network customized just for you. You can also add a specific geographic location to your site(s)

Love a Little Branding

You have a lot of creative leg room when it comes to branding your website. From content to colors and other nifty little details, you have the power to brand your website the way you want.

Simple Site Builder

Everything you need to build your custom dating website from ground up is available to you in an intuitive interface. And if you ever get stuck, help is just a click away.

Site Review

When you've built your site, please submit it for a review. We'll go in to sort out any kinks and to verify that everything is good to go.

1, 2, 3, Launch!

Once your site has been approved, usually in under 24 hours by our Partner Team, you can start promoting it to bring traffic and revenue. We have great resources for you in our knowledge base, and our partner support staff is always at your disposal to squeeze even more juice out of your website.