Customer Support

Customer support that is second to none!

While everybody beats the drums, only a few sing to the tune. Our surveys indicate that 97% of our partners are "very satisfied" with our services. That is reflected in our high partner retention rate, which is among the highest in the dating industry.

But we take customer support a step further. When we have no complaints to handle, which is most of the time, our relationship managers contribute to the WhiteBoxDating® knowledgebase. Our one-of-a-kind KB contains answers to the most frequently asked questions as well as solutions to commonly faced problems. The KB serves as a guiding light for members who are new to the dating industry.

We also post regularly to our blog, which is not only an excellent knowledge resource for you as a Partner, but also another way our WhiteBox Marketing team goes the extra mile to educate and assist you how to maximize your ROI. It's a good break and easy read for when you become tired of counting all the new members you've brought in, and the big money you've made.