How to Build Trust with Your Audience on Your Dating Site

Building trust, that’s what it’s all about in the digital world; breaching the technological gap and forming a relationship with your members. They determine your success, so it’s essential that you follow the 6 tips in this article. With that said let’s get right in the thick of it.

Tip #1: Make Sure Your Site’s Reliable

Reliability is part and parcel to forming trust in a digital environment, especially one as personal as dating and relationships. Your website should not be “under construction” suddenly or present users with bugs, errors or mishaps.

Once you set a standard for what your audience can expect you need to stick with it. For example, if your dating site has a blog attached to it you should be posting at set times throughout each week so that people can begin to rely on them being there. That sort of thing.

Tip #2: Come Through on Your Value Statements

Don’t make statements unless you can back them up. The instant a user sees you’re not coming through on your value statements or promises…it’s over. If you tell people your service is free, it better be. If you tell them there’s no hidden fees there better be none. If you send them an email telling them someone is interested in them, that person better be interested in them. Make sense?

Tip #3: Give More than You Ask For

Think of it in terms of the 80/20 rule: give 80% of the time and ask 20% of the time. You should be constantly presenting value not sales prompts, or coupons, or anything advertorial. Do people trust sales-speak? No. Absolutely not.

Generations X, Y, and Z are absolutely sick of conventional advertising and avoid it like the plague. Focus on providing value, utility, successful matches, engagement, etc. Once you approach your audience like this sales will take care of themselves for the most part.

Tip #4: Be Completely Honest and Transparent

Don’t lie, fib, stretch the truth, declare superlatives, present clichés or do anything shady. Tell your audience the truth. Be upfront, personable and authentic. Above all else, authenticity is the yardstick of ROI when it comes to doing business online for the most part, regardless of your niche.

Tip #5: Harness the Power of Social Proofing

Your users pay CLOSE attention to your reviews and testimonials. What are people saying about your dating site? What’s Google telling people when they Google your dating site’s name? Let’s put it like this: if a prospective user Google’s your site to see if they want to join and they find tons of 5 star positive reviews…boom, they trust you. Instantly. Just like that!

Tip #6: Deliver a Quality User-Experience

How easy is your dating website to use? How pleasant and dummy-proofed is it? How much nonsense is there that could be erased from the website without minimizing the overall user-experience.

If you want to make your website the best in your niche, then make your website the easiest to use in a quality manner. Got it? If you bookmark this article and apply each tip to your dating site you’re going to see a big response in a rather short period of time. Thanks for reading and let us know if we can help.