Your Mini-Guide on How to Optimize a Dating Site Landing Page

Creating a niche dating site is a fabulous idea. Online daters need something a little more refined these days to mingle with like-minded individuals. This way they can skip all the nonsense, connect, share their interests and have good dating experiences!

Your website is going to need an optimized landing page that converts curious traffic into folks that’re willing to fill out a profile and put themselves out there. It takes finesse. It takes some web-psychology. Let’s go ahead and cover the basics:

#1 Thing to Remember When Optimizing Any Landing Page

The only thing that matters is user-experience! Not making a sale. Not converting. Not adding a new member. None of that. Everything you put on this page should only be there to make it a better experience for your visitors: dummy-proofed is better than simply being pretty.

Does that make sense? Hope so! Ask yourself questions like these:

  • How can I make this web page easier to use?
  • How can I make the information on this web page clearer?
  • How can I make the page fit more seamlessly into the overall website?
  • What isn’t absolutely necessary on this web page that I could get rid of?

The Web Copy

At the end of the day here’s the reality: 80% of your traffic will probably only read about 20-30% of your copy. So, with that in mind you can streamline and stick to saying only those things that are the most helpful and useful to your visitors. No pitching. No sales prompts. No overt advertorial copy whatsoever.

Instead, again, focus on providing your visitors with the best user-experience possible. Minimal copy that says a fair amount, get it? Truly become your user and come to grips with all the web-fodder that really doesn’t need to be written on the page.

  • What kind of a niche dating site is it? Have you made that 110% obvious and clear?
  • How is your dating site different from any other, besides the niche angle?
  • What’s the first step users should take now?
  • Where would you like them to go next?
  • If there’s a monthly fee, it better be reasonable and come with straightforward benefits. The more complex your payment system is the worse it will convert!

No Pop-ups! No generic CTA buttons (get to this momentarily). No long-form sales copy. I mean think about it, don’t you just scan right past this kind of outdated marketing material?

Calls to Action

Treat your web traffic like innocent little children that must be hand-led step by step through the process. At each step make sure to ask yourself if you could make it easier to interface with it. Calls to action should be gentle and clear within the overall structure of the page. And no, you shouldn’t need more than one.

In fact, MINIMIZE the amount of options you give people on your landing page. Ideally, there’ll be only one option because the more there are the harder your website will be to use, right?

Static Images

Don’t use generic photographs. Don’t grab just another stock image. Don’t use anything you just happen to find on Google image search results. Instead, make sure that your images are these two things: genuine and relevant. The people you use in your imagery shouldn’t make people feel like they feel when subjected to a real estate or car insurance television commercial.


Keep the videos helpful, useful, honest and between 1 to 2.5 minutes long ideally. If you want to go with a crafty and creative animated video that would be a stellar idea. The point here is that if you’re going to present a video to your traffic it should have high production value!

Right, so those are the basics ladies and gentlemen. Get out there, optimize and then if it’s in the budget hire a professional to undertake some A/B testing to get to the picture perfect landing page. Thanks for reading!