Big and Beautiful: Curvy Women Running Their Own Dating Sites!

Huh? What? Yep, large and in charge women can run their own dating sites now instead of having to wade into the over-populated traditional sites that have cornered the online dating market for too long. Sweet!

How’s that Work?

Wow, it’s hard to know exactly where to begin. It’s like a perfect storm (the good kind) that involves tech innovation along with a single’s scene that may not visit America/the Western world again for some time. Check this out:

“Some 124.6 million Americans were single in August [2014], 50.2 percent of those who were 16 years or older, according to data used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in its monthly job-market report.”

Whoa! That’s a snippet from a Bloomberg article entitled “Is Everybody Single? More than Half the U.S. Now, Up from 37% in ‘76” Couple that with an estimated 2$-5$ billion dollar pie being opened up to anyone and everyone that want’s to carve out their own online dating niche.

Sure, there’s always been BBW/Plus-Sized/Curvy women niches, but now the women themselves can actually be in control and make sure everything stays the way they and others ladies like them agree it should be.

Some Off-the-Cuff Examples

Hmm. What if a group of big and beautiful women created a website where couples could travel and/or cruise together? A dating site for curvy gals and guys can meet in exotic locations. That could be a hit!

How about a website where only certain types of guys need apply? Specific income brackets? Based on similar interests, types of cooking, outdoorsy stuff, etc.? The sky’s the limit pretty much. Chances are if you build it, they’ll come. Here’s how WhiteBoxDating® helps ambitious ladies get off the ground:

“You’ll get the full application, pre-populated member database, payment processing system and customer support that’s there for you around the clock.”

Tech-Savvy Required?

Nope. WhiteBoxDating® created a modern “turn-key” solution that enables a new partner to simply plug right into the network and set up their own customized dating site without all the outdated (pun intended) technical aspects.

Take the Reins!

How long have you been a single plus-sized woman? Do you know chicks that’re hopelessly single? Are you or is someone you care about one of the single American women wondering what’s going on?

Stop complaining. Stop wondering what can be done. Stop moaning and groaning over the plight of mainstream (archaic) online dating sites. Through WhiteBoxDating® and Friends Worldwide you can create and brand your own first class dating experience. Maybe your site is going to be the next “big one” that helps millions of curvy beauties find the right compadres and partners in crime (you know what we mean). Lord knows online dating needs something new, and WhiteBoxDating® provides everyone with opportunity to create it.