From Pen Pals to a New Online Military Dating Experience!

Military folks turning to online dating is nothing new, but here’s what is: soldiers running their own dating sites.

Sure, as the digital romance industry grows bigger and bigger, there’s bound to be handfuls of niche sites under military topics. But, only WhiteBoxDating® allows military-focused individuals to create their own platform that caters to specific love connections, support and community.

Just imagine…

No more of all the nonsense that comes with these mega-sites that’ve been around for too long already. Forget that, because next generation military dating in the virtual realm is happening in smaller niche sites that provide the authenticity and genuine atmosphere real human beings require.

Wow! How Do I Get Involved?

So basically, when you become a partner or a dating site entrepreneur, you get to set up your own site and join the Friends Worldwide network that’s already populated with other people interested in military dating! They’re just waiting for that perfect group that believes what they believes, likes what they likes and operates in a way they enjoy.

For example, let’s say you’re a Navy Corpsman and you set up and brand your own dating site that revolves around specific shared interests and activities. Technical experience isn’t required, so your own platform is up, running and gathering steam within no time at all.

Let’s Talk Bennies

Other than the fact you don’t have to worry about hosting? Other than the fact that with their own custom niche dating sites military folks no longer have to deal with the drama?

  • Security: When you use a gargantuan mainstream dating site do you own your profile and information or could it be used in nefarious ways? With WhiteBoxDating® there’s no reason to worry about stolen passwords, fake profiles or compromised payment processing for your members. Network security’s in the bag.
  • Optimization: Once your military dating site is up and running, you’ve got to personalize, brand and optimize it. When you’ve got your own setup you can make everything perfect to attract the right kind of like-minded people into your community. Should you want to really get your digital elbows dirty you can dive into free reporting and analytics to focus-fire your marketing efforts.
  • Managed: 24/7 customer service, account management, fully-managed hosting, and unparalleled support from a company that’s spearheading the future of online dating as is. How cool is that?

A pen pal dating site for active Marines that love fine dining? How about a Navy Hikers site that brings couples together who enjoy traveling around the world to experience the best hikes? There’s no end to what you can create and WhiteBoxDating® gives you that opportunity. And don’t worry, should for some reason your site go viral within the network you’ll be taken care of.

You focus on creating the perfect dating site, we’ll handle the dirty work. An elite dating site for the elite, get some!