How Online Radio, Podcasting and Ezine Communities Benefit from the WhiteBoxDating® World Class Dating Platform

Good lord almighty, organizing and running an online brand and juggling tons of content is hard work! The net just reached 25 years old, we’ve surpassed a billion websites and things are just getting started.

Your audience craves and consumes an absolutely incredible amount of media, including your online radio show, podcast or digital magazine. Now, to make things just a little trickier, web culture has turned monetization into a labyrinthine experience! They don’t want ads, commercials, pop-up video ads, or anything else. But you’ve got to make payroll, pay for content production and keep things afloat!

Let’s Spitball a Crazy Idea

Okay, let’s pretend you run a platform that revolves around organic cooking and indoor gardening. That’s no doubt a rocking community these days with so much interest in healthy food and cooking vs. the corporate system of packaged, processed and preserved.

Now, what if you created a customized dating site for your community? It would be branded in your own way, cater to your audience and provide them with a completely new way to interface not only with you and your products but each other!

Are You Serious?

Unflinchingly. Without question we’re serious. For absolutely no cost you could have a niche dating site and/or network set up and monetized with lifetime recurring revenues from members you refer. So it’s not only a completely new environment to help your brand to grow and get stronger, but a new income stream as well!

Are you seeing the possibilities here? And make no mistake, if you’re in America or you cater to a “western” crowd roughly half your audience is a) likely single and b) finding it hard to meet like-minded folks out and about in their lives.

How Does it Work?

Right, so once you become a partner (super-simple) you get your own dating site that comes with built-in 24/7 customer support, account management, fully-managed hosting, and for the more tech-savvy you get reporting and analytics. So no, starting a dating site for organic food lovers that prefer to garden indoors isn’t going to increase your already hectic workload.

And…imagine how much content you can generate. Just imagine…

“On today’s podcast we’re speaking to Debbie and Brian who met on our dating site. Initially they met at one of the group potlucks in Austin and hit it off. A year later and they’re…”

How about Revenue Potential?

As part of the Friends Worldwide network your new dating site is going to be exposed to millions of people right away, so plan on adding a fair amount of people to your podcast, online radio or ezine community! Then of course there’s the percentage of the audience you’ve built who will hop right on the opportunity.

There’s really no limits here. WhiteBoxDating® provides the foundation but it’s really up to what you and your members choose to do with it. If you’re interested, engaged and want to know more reach out to our team and we’ll get you completely filled in and ready to roll. Thanks for reading!