Ready to Start an Internet Business? Become a Match Maker!

Right, so you get it now, the online economy is booming to an insane degree while the traditional economy and workforce crumble before the might of tech innovation. We’re seeing the paradigm shift right in front of our eyes. Just wait until artificial intelligence, automation and robotics go mainstream…

No more corporate gigs! No more slaving away, caps on pay or any of the other nonsense that people have been subjected to for the last lord knows how long. Today it’s about going online and seizing your slices of the digital prosperity pie. And while there are near endless opportunities out there, and zillions which have yet to be created, WhiteBoxDating@ has a pretty cool idea:

“You should become a modern match maker and found your own niche dating website!”

Think about it. Instead of having to shell out tons of money on hiring designers, developers, graphic artists and all else to build a new web store, you can waltz into the Friends Worldwide Network and get your own easily customizable platform in two shakes of a cat’s tail.

Yep. And, you get all the perks as well right from the get-go: 24/7 customer support, network security, managed hosting, etc. It’s a far cry better than investing all the money and time it takes to run a fully-functional ecommerce store, online consultancy or service provider agency.

Why Online Dating?

Well, for starters, the world is going through a hardcore singles period. Did you know that nearly half of Americans are single? It’s not much better anywhere else in the modern world. That’s absolutely mind blowing! Now, what’s the first thing everyone says to someone complaining about their single life?

“You should try online dating!”

Yeah but, joining the mega dating sites that have been around the last decade or so isn’t a viable option anymore for most people that’ve tried them. And, there’s ZERO money in it. Why not start your own, market it and build a next-gen world class dating site with a full support staff in your corner…for free?

What’s the Market Outlook?

For online dating? Are you kidding? No one knows for sure, but even the most conservative estimates show billions and billions of dollars will be spent by folks over just the next few years alone trying to find the right dating site to make that life-changer connection.

What Kind of Site Should I Start?

That’s the bread and butter question right there. Start by looking at your own life. Are you single? If so, what would be the ideal dating solution for you? Maybe you’re into certain activities and interests that make it hard to meet people. Maybe you work from home. Maybe you envision a site that’s customized to have none of the nonsense of older mainstream sites.

Sold! How Do I Get Started?

Great, you already had something in mind (Tech-Savvy Singles?). Simply head on over to our short Become a Partner form and once you hit the button at the bottom the journey begins. Will your first niche dating site make it so you can quit your day job? Perhaps. Regardless, diversifying income streams it what it’s all about when it comes to building a digital income. Talk soon!