Facebook Ads: 2-Minute Debriefing

Right, sit down, scoot in, and listen up.

Throughout the emerging internet world, paid advertising isn’t a joke, it’s big business (we’ve only just now reached 1 billion websites by the way). It may seem like a nuisance to users, but folks like you behind the screen are what help to make it all possible. Here’s the scoop on Facebook ads based on a sample of 2 top dogs in the niche.

Scoop #1: The Web Advertising Debate

In our first article, “Why I’m Clicking ‘Like’ on Facebook ads” the author, Gregory Ferenstein, basically lays out the raging argument surrounding Facebook ads. Here’s the first point of view that’s causing new platforms like Ello to come about in response.

“In other words, critics argue, ads necessarily invade netizens’ privacy because they are omnipresent data collectors trying to skillfully manipulate them into buying things they wouldn’t otherwise.”

You see, there really is a big debate and it’s about Big Data. Yes, Facebook is tracking everything you do and if it had its way it would know EVERYTHING about you….

Why? So that it can show you the absolutely perfect advertisement that you don’t hate, but appreciate! The right thing, at the right time. The company is building out their Atlas ad software and soon Facebook ads will be following us around while we surf the web.

The point? At a very rapid pace it’s becoming easier and easier, thanks to Facebook’s tracking algorithms, to target ultra-specific people with your Facebook ads. Just please don’t create ads that suck! Think about your users, and listen to Gregory here:

“The Internet was predicated on a radical idea that information wants to be free. But freely-flowing isn’t the same as costing nothing… there are only two revenue models that work at scale to support the distribution of quality information: paid and ad-based websites. The smarter advertising becomes, the more of the web can remain free.”

Speaking of which…

Scoop #2: Optimizing Your Facebook Ads

Here we go. Sarah Smith over at SocialMediaExaminer.com put together a fabulous and visual guide on optimizing Facebook ads for modern crowds. Published just a couple days ago, it’s got tons of really updated info. Here’s a summary of the four tactics she talks about:

  1. Add an Ask: Basically, build a campaign that asks the audience to participate and then give them a vested interest. So, “Hey, let’s get to 1000 Likes and then…” What? What will they get in return for helping you reach this goal?
  2. Go Retro: Listen, did you know that the Baby Boomers make up a tremendous amount of online consumption? Don’t get fooled into thinking you’ve always got to seem fresh and young…
  3. Encourage Escape: Never lose sight of the fact that most people, and this is sad but true, most people out there lead lives of “quiet desperation” and they’re yearning to dream, escape and feel more alive.
  4. Stay Current: You can always use current events as a toe-hold on your specific audience.

The Outlook is Good

Advertising algorithms are getting smarter. Web culture is getting smarter. Social media is beginning to define and refine itself. Your Facebook ads, and your paid advertising experience is a journey. We’re all on it together. As long as you try the best you can to target the right people and then deliver good ads, you’re on the right path. Thanks for reading and check back for more as we move along.